Saturday, November 7, 2009

Fashion Heroes and Heroines

I do have many heroes in fashion, but in this case a heroine. 

With her fashion super powers she has proven time and time again capable of saving us all of the agony of fashion disaster.

I've got to say no one inspires me as most as the magnificent Carolina Herrera. I guess it is her elegance and sophistication that she infuses in all of her collections. She is truly one of women's best friends. Carolina was born in Caracas, Venezuela; the South American country known for its beautiful women. It was not until 1980 that Carolina moved to New York to become one of the most renowned fashion designers of our time. Little did we know! 
Carolina's biggest success may be due to her ability to make well crafted, super elegant, highly detailed, yet effortless pieces that women love and want to wear. 
Her latest collection was inspired by the technique of woven Japanese baskets. Think Memoirs of Carolina, not a Geisha! She's able to transform a technique of basket making into beautiful pieces of art that are modern and ultra chic. In this collection we can see almost a younger Carolina. She is playful and confident, yet strong and refined. 

 Rope-weave handbags, shoes, skirts, and belts are extremely unique pieces that can make you look and feel like a million dollars.
 Most importantly you can see the love and hard work within each piece which translates to just beautiful work. The color palate I find to be very powerful but at the same time very delicate and warm. I can see women delighting themselves with each and every one of Carolina's designs. 
Carolina is not only a designer but an empire. I myself have one her fragrances for men, 212. Even though it is for men, it has that power and elegance that only Carolina knows how to deliver. Yes maaam she does!!! From jewelry, accessories, fragrances, fur, leather,  eye wear, and even a bridal Collection (Which I would have to dedicate an entire post to this one), Carolina seems to have it all!!

See you guys next time, and remember to always have fun with everything you do!

Looking forward to hearing your comments and Ideas. 

Thank You Ms. Herrera!

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