Thursday, November 26, 2009

Eco Fashion

Since people is becoming more aware of the impact that we have in our environment, we have found many ways to advocate to this cause. For example, many more designers now are using Eco-friendly fabrics that don't involve the use of harmful chemicals and bleaches to color the fabrics.
One thing I like a lot is the reusable bag. This little guy can help us lessen our demand for plastic bags and so the pollution and the oil consumption. In a personal level, one reusable bag can help us save 288 plastic bags per year on a average of six per week.

Personally, I hate when I go shopping and they give me this fancy and beautiful bags that I know as soon as I go home they are going to the garbage. There is not way I can use or save all of the bags that I receive, so people is time to get green.

Do not limit yourself though. Create and personalize your bags. By adding things like pictures, funny or not so funny quotes you can stand out not only for your sense of fashion, but also for you urge to change and save our planet earth.

Guys, I encourage all of you to put a little bit more effort to try to make a difference in this world.

see you next time...

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