Saturday, December 5, 2009

It is not all about Fashion

let's Export Fashion

Certainly not.

I want to remind all of us that we can really make a difference in this world. Personally, I want to achieve my highest potential as a human being, and I have realized that we are powerful creatures that can do wonderful things and if we want, we can turn mountains upside down.

Lately, I felt the urge to help, to do something, so I decided that I was going to advocate and express myself here in my new love: my fashion blog.

If you are that wonderful person reading this, you are already making a difference in my world because I can see you care enough to keep reading. People think that help means money, but I can tell you help comes in several forms. For example, a smile can change a person's day instantly, or some other people simply want a person to talk to.

I wish I can do more to help others and to live in a world in peace ( I know I am sounding like a beauty queen, but I can't help to feel this way) but as I right now, this is what I can do.

God bless us all and let's make this world even more beautiful!



  1. What a stunning post, Lozano! I will tell you something right now...many people think that when you are a "fashion blogger" you care only about fashion, and could care less about anything else. In my world (and obviously in yours, as well), that is not the case. I love fashion, but I love to help people, as well - I do volunteer work and everything. One must maintain a balance in their life! :)

  2. Yes! I agree with you! We can do anything, let's keep moving mountains ;D!


  3. Very well said Lozano... I'm with you on this.

  4. You're so right... even the smallest step is a contribution.

  5. whhooop! so right, following you every step of the way!

  6. how inspiring Lozano. making a difference comes in different forms. i'm with you in showering the world with style and smiles.

    following you!

  7. I 100% agree! Its so frustrating sometimes that people think because we love clothes or shopping or magazines that, thats all there is to us, materialism...but like so many we are educated, hard working and successful in our own right. I love fashion, but as much time as I spend reading magazines, I keep up on current events, participate in community service activities...and really work to change the lives of even just the people that I come into contact with.
    PS you can look good and save the world :)

  8. Lozano, that is a very thoughtful post.

    using your blog as the place to pour out your inspirations is just great!! i do blogging for that purpose too :)

    yea let's make this world a happier place to live in! :)


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