Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Gaga World!

let's Export Fashion

"Walk, walk fashion baby

Work it, move that b**ch crazy

Walk, walk fashion baby
Work it, move that b**ch crazy"

Lady Gaga Rocks Spikes, Stilettos, And Cuts?

 A poker-faced Lady Gaga tries to keep a low profile exiting Hyde in a rubberised bra, fluorescent Louis Vuitton leggings and a pair of neon pink stilettos

Fashion Lovers Arrive At The ACE Awards!

Marc Jacobs - Arrivals - Spring 2010 MBFW
A lot people is saying that lady Gaga is having a bad romance with her closet, but I think that she rocks every look not matter how crazy it is. She is confident and most importantly talented!

Love my lady Gaga.
**UK OUT** Wearing a trademark quirky outfit, Lady Gaga braves the cold as she leaves a party in London


  1. hi, thank you for the comment you left in my blog :) i'm honored.

    gaga is definitely a crazy-dresser. she's so outrageous in the term of dressing up. though not so many people can adapt her style, i still think that she's a head-turner. she's talented :)

  2. I love how she does what she wants. She is either a genius or has a team of geniuses behind her, plus, she always seems like she's having fun. Also, I bet she goes out all the time in plain clothes, we just don't recognize her when she's not all done up.

    Anyway, great blog!



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