Saturday, March 13, 2010

"If you want to cry, go outside" by Kelly Cutrone People's Revolution

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Kelly Cutrone Book Signing of 'If You Have to Cry, Go Outside' New York City

In one of my recent visit to the library, I came across a book that "can't be judge by its cover". when I saw it in the shelf, I thought to myself: "Oh great another reality celebrity trying to make some money writing a stupid book". I don't really care about their details of their fabulous life or their idea of being "Hollywood fabulous". However, I decided to pick it up and give a chance since I want to do Fashion PR someday. IT SURPRISED ME.

It was a wonderful book with a truly wonderful story. It feels like Kelly is right there giving you a 1 on 1 story about the ups and downs of her life that would keep you interested and excited about your own life. The books is full with Kelly's advice in how to pursuit your dreams and taking a no for an answer.

I loved it, I really did because I could relate to it. for Kelly moving to New York was a dream as it was for me and that's one of the many things I found in this great book..High Five for Kelly

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Kelly Cutrone Book Signing of 'If You Have to Cry, Go Outside' New York City

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  1. hi Lozano. how are you? glad you're back!
    and thanks for the recommendation. seems like a very interesting book!!


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